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About the Data Centre

Hayes is Virtus’ new flagship data centre in London, UK, designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, reliable, on-demand colocation services.

The data centre is the first in London to deploy a new ground breaking fresh-air, evaporative cooling technology which dramatically decreases energy consumption, bringing site power usage effectiveness (PUE) to below 1.2 and delivering substantial TCO reductions to VIRTUS’ clients.

The facility, designed to deliver high quality customer solutions, has six data halls, all capable of being subdivided allowing clients to have anything from a cabinet in a shared space, to their own suite or data hall with dedicated power and cooling.

The site is highly secure, away from main roads and behind 5 meter high security fences, with a 24/7 on site security, technical support and monitoring centres to maintain a 100% uptime record. EX Networks can offer space solutions that meet the demands of businesses, including government organisations, financial institutions, enterprises, global system integrators, telecommunication carriers, and managed service providers.

Site Specifications

  • 14,880 m2 facility including plant area.
  • 6,068 m2 net technical space.
  • 24/7/365 fully managed on-site NOC.
  • 6 self-contained data halls within the main facility, all capable of being subdivided.
  • 20 MVA incoming diversely routed supply from National Grid.
  • 11.4 MW of IT load.
  • Diverse A&B supply, distributed via 11kV ring main units.
  • Average power density 2 kW/m2 in customer areas.
  • Centralized N+N in line UPS plant.
  • Dual A&B UPS supplies to all customer areas (10 mins autonomy at full load).
  • Centralized N+1 HV standby diesel generators with 72hour run time at full load.
  • N+1 indirect fresh air cooling units within each data hall with A&B UPS supplies.
  • Design PUE <1.2.
  • Highly efficient indirect fresh air cooling system configured as N+1.
  • Highly efficient >99% static UPS unit.
  • Powered by 100% renewable sources.
  • Heat pumps for waste heat reuse in communal parts.
  • Hot aisle containment.
  • Solar Panels.
  • More than 10 carriers in total from Day 1, from which 4 are Tier 1.
  • Diverse fibre entry points to the site.
  • 24/7/365 on-site security team.
  • 3 metre high perimeter fence.
  • Manned vehicle entry gate to site.
  • Internal and External IP CCTV with complete site coverage.
  • Full authentication & access policy control.
  • Security bollards at building perimeter.
  • Biometric entry system.

Services Offered

If you need additional space, power and security, then a private rack is for you.
Our full racks are all 42 units high, 1000mm deep and we can offer widths of 600mm and 800mm depending on your requirements. Whether you need a single rack, or a private cage, EX Networks can create a tailored package to meet even the most demanding setups.

All racks come with dual 32 amp power feeds as standard with power densities up to 28A or 6.7kW per footprint. For our more demanding setups, we can offer custom footprint layouts with 3 phase power.

12 Amps to 28 Amps

EXN can offer power densities from 12A (2.8kW) up to 28A (6.7kW) per footprint. If you require multiple footprints, power can be aggregated across the racks. For equipment with ultra-high power requirements, we can offer 3-phase power.

Secure from Suite to Rack

With strict access control including proximity access cards and biometric doors, you know your equipment is secure. All racks have a 3 digit combination lock for front and back access and can also be fitted with PAC access locks if required.


Our fully featured EXtraNet client portal gives you remote control over your data centre estate. Securely view real time and historical power usage, reboot individual power ports, and have a single login for all power, connectivity, support and billing requirements.

24x7x365 Access

EXN can offer 24x7 access to your rack, cage or suite via unique permanent access cards for you and your staff.

Business critical connectivity? We have you covered.
Whether you need simple Internet breakout for your rack or a fully managed multi-site solution, EX Networks has the answer. Our ultra-reliable Cisco powered network has multiple direct connections to Tier-1 and 2 bandwidth providers, ensuring your traffic will always reach its destination via the optimal route.

Multihomed IP Transit

Our multihomed IP transit is perfect for customers requiring the best routes to all corners of the globe. EXN can provide both IPv4 and IPv6 transit, either announcing your IP addresses or providing you with a dedicated range.

Global BGP Session

Whether you're implementing BGP for the first time and require an experienced managed services provider, or you're simply looking to add EX Networks to your blend, our engineers can set up, manage and maintain your sessions seamlessly.

Point To Point

EXN can provide MPLS pseudowires between on-net datacentres, extending your network across multiple facilities. This can be thought of as a single virtual ethernet cable between your sites, providing a simple and reliable solution for your East to West traffic.

Real Time Statistics

Our advanced EXtraNet client portal gives you access to real time bandwidth graphs - ideal for diagnosing problems or keeping track of your usage. Check the inbound and outbound traffic levels for any of your ports, either over a daily or monthly period, with just a few clicks.

No staff? No problem!
Let our experienced datacentre and systems teams be there when you can't. We'll handle everything from installs, migrations and rack design to advanced troubleshooting of network and server systems.

Engineers with a wealth of experience.
Our 24/7 support team with industry wide certifications ranging from the network to the application layer will look after you and your data.

Emergency call outs.
In an emergency, our centrally located offices and engineers deployed in the Docklands on a daily basis means you can save valuable minutes when time is the most critical factor.

Project management and delivery.
EX Networks have helped hundreds of customers complete more complex projects, requiring services including full physical audits, rack design, project management, racks preparation, and migrations.

Need more information or a quote?

Follow the link to request more information or a quote from one of our Technical Account Managers.

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