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Reach for the cloud

With the EXN Virtual data centre Platform

Our answer to Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Customers who traditionally colocated equipment within 3rd-party datacentres can now throw away the depreciating hardware, support contracts and power bills. Our vDC lets you build, destroy and clone virtual servers with the click of a few buttons.

Whether you need a single virtual machine or your own virtual private cloud with a dedicated vCenter server and private peering arrangements, EXN have you covered. We can bring together a number of different technologies and services, both physical and virtual, in order to build your perfect fully hosted or hybrid platform.

Virtualising servers is just the beginning. With policy-driven operations management, our vDC offering can reduce costs, both OpEx and CapEx. These tools are available to all vDC customers and can be self managed, or managed by EXN should you not have the in-house expertise.

EX Networks’ standing as a VMware Professional Partner further reinforces our offering, providing you with an end to end solution that is backed by a 24x7x365 team of technical analysts with industry wide qualifications ranging from the application to the network level.

What can we offer?

It's time to move that pesky server sitting in the dark corner in your office to the cloud! EXN can provide VMware Virtual Machines in the London Docklands for individuals or organisations who need a enterprise grade solution on a short or long term basis. Customers can benefit from all the high availability features of VMware vSphere and know the data is on a safe and stable platform managed by our 24x7 VMware certified engineering team.

EX Networks can migrate existing VMware VMs from on-site virtualised environments or perform a full Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) conversion for existing hardware sitting on-site. Customers can also start with blank Virtual Machines or choose one preloaded from our library of Linux distributions and Microsoft products including Windows Server and SQL Server.
The EXN vDC is a perfect solution for customers who simply need a pool of resources assigned to a number of Virtual Machines. Our vDC offering is based on VMware vSphere and vCloud Director, giving customers a single, intuitive, web-based portal for the management of your vDC.

VMware vCloud also brings a whole new level of automation to the cloud. Customers can now deliver infrastructure, application and custom services via a JSON API as well as a web based user interface.

Resources can now be assigned to departments within your company, this ensures that each department receives the right size resource or application at the appropriate service level for the job they need to perform.
If you have outgrown your current on-site environment, or you require an external cloud, be it for a production IaaS or a secondary site (DRaaS) our private cloud solution is what you are looking for.

EXN can provide dedicated ESX hypervisors and dedicated vCenter servers to give your organisation a completely dedicated, private hosted solution. With a choice of data centres in London and the UK, you always know where your data is being stored for both peace of mind and compliance.

If you require a hybrid hosting solution, EXN can connect your on-site VMware environment and directory services to your private cloud giving you the ability to manage your private cloud as if it is on-site.
Enterprise Hardware

Our vDC platform is based on Dell M630 blades, Equallogic SANs and the M1000e blade enclosure. The environment sits behind our Cisco powered, 10/40 Gbps network featuring Cisco Nexus switches and Cisco chassis based routers. The infrastructure is hosted in our flagship data centre, Global Switch 2 (London East) located in London's Docklands, with an identical deployment in Virtus Enfield.

High Availablity

With features such as N+1 hypervisor redundancy, VMware High Availability and offsite replication, you know your vDC is in safe hands. In the event of a hardware failure, your vDC will automatically bring up its virtual machines on new hardware within minutes. We can even specify that machines are bought up in a specific order to ensure application hierarchies are respected.

Fault Tolerance

For customers who have a lot of transactional data, and downtime simply isn't an option then Fault Tolerance is for you. FT provides continuous availability for applications in the event of hypervisor failures by creating a live shadow instance of a virtual machine that is always up-to-date with the primary virtual machine. Simply put, zero downtime for your critical applications.

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