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Your Client Portal

Every EXN customer has full access to our fully-featured EXtraNet client portal, providing you with a single login for all your account requirements.

Everything from billing details and project management up to real time power and bandwidth monitoring is available 24x7x365 through a single login. Customers can add up to twenty sub-accounts with different levels of notification and privilege for all staff members, from your finance team to your technical team.

EXN continually develop the EXtraNet portal, take on board customer suggestions for new and improved features as soon as we are made aware of them, and implement requests as soon as is feasible. The more feedback we obtain, the better EXtraNet will be.

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Key Features

  • Single login for all services with EX Networks
  • Multiple sub-accounts for staff departments
  • Optional two factor authentication
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly
  • View due and past invoices
  • Pay due invoices
  • Submit support requests via portal or email
  • View previously resolved support requests
  • View real-time power usage for your racks
  • View historical power usage graphs
  • Every power socket assigned to the customer is managed via EXtraNet
  • Ports can be powered off, powered on and rebooted
  • Power ports can be renamed
  • View daily, monthly and yearly bandwidth graphs
  • Monitor your 95th percentile or monthly transfer limits
  • View graphs per port, or per CDR
  • Real time port statistics and status
  • View errors and discards

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