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Don’t just take our word for it

At EX Networks we take immense pride in going the extra mile for our customers. But don't take our word for it, we have selection of case studies from our customers past and present. Choose from the following categories:
Colocation and Rackspace Managed Services Virtual Data Centre

Colocation and Rackspace

Greg Bentley
Technical Specialist
Vix Technology has delivered market-leading smart booking, ticketing and secure payment systems with real-time information and management data to over 200 cities or regions around the world.

They work with governments and businesses who are improving the experience and engagement of customers on the journey and at the events and places they attend. Vix launched the first major city commercial smartcard ticketing system in Hong Kong and have continued with pace and enthusiasm to deliver world leading systems and emerging technology solutions including EMV, mobile, contactless, NFC and BLE to payment and access services.

Expansion of the Vix Technology UK Data Centre required a secure and resilient co-location geographically close to our existing London Docklands facility.

Capable of supporting a high density of equipment and providing the up-time demanded by our customers, EX Networks fitted the bill in helping us achieve continued delivery and growth of our systems and services.

Throughout our planning, migration and production phases we have been provided with a professional, knowledgeable and friendly service. Whether it be prompt assistance with simple tickets or investigation with complex network issues we where supported with responsive, skilled staff and great user experience. As our UK business grows a reliable and flexible hosting provider is vital to our success and we believe EX Networks will help us in that goal .
Greg Bentley

As Vix's UK operations grew they were in search for a flexible and reliable infrastructure partner to grow with their company. Vix decided to take several racks within our Global Switch 2 data centre as well as IP transit and multiple MPLS point-to-point circuits to their existing data centres. EXN have since been working with Vix on several bespoke hosting solutions for their clients' requirements.

Ali Saeed
AVP – Engineering and Integration
Afiniti enhances contact center performance by optimally pairing agent and caller personalities. Afiniti is the only contact center technology that optimises call outcomes by pairing agents with callers based on personality. Afiniti uses advanced artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technology to find patterns of success in large volumes of evolving contact center data. In real time, Afiniti communicates with existing telephony technology to assign callers to agents to increase the likelihood of successful call outcomes.

After spending a large amount of time looking at data centres in and around London, EX Networks being on our door step were the perfect option. Our dealings with the team have been great, always happy to help with any queries. Our business is expanding at an unprecedented rate and the team at EXN has scaled to accommodate our growing needs with rack space, circuits and technical support. Fully managed services and resilient networks with access to data centre on short notice all the while beating everyone on costs and technical expertise.
Ali Saeed

Afiniti contacted EX Networks in 2011 to discuss hosting requirements for their growing UK client base. Afiniti started with a single server and have since expanded to several racks within our Global Switch 2 data centre with multiple MPLS circuits and IP transit services.

EXN fully manage these services and take care of all aspects of Afiniti's physical infrastructure from procurement of hardware to installation of equipment, rack design, and project management for several customer deployments.

Yonadav Leitersdorf
CEO & Founder
Indeni is a leading company in the field of proactive network and security monitoring with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s. As the company grew, so did their lab requirements to enable constant development of their patented software. Indeni came to EXN looking for a flexible and reliable solution that would be used as a R&D lab for engineers all over the world, requiring it to be centrally hosted in London.

We've been with EX Networks for quite a while and they have proved again and again that customer service is at the top of their list. They've always made sure everything is working the way we need it to and have put in the extra effort to ensure things are done right.
Yonadav Leitersdorf

Tolu Okuboyejo
Infrastructure Manager
What prompted you to seek EX Networks services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?
We needed to set up our voice and application servers for 24 hours uninterrupted remote access to be able to support our operations. The most important factors we were looking out for included clean uninterrupted power, high speed internet, low CapEx & low OpEx as well as security away from intrusion.

What made you believe that EX Networks was the best for achieving your desired result?
We settled for EX Networks after considering a few other colocation service providers because: 1. We got the quickest response and follow up calls from the Technical Sales Rep that contacted us after we sent a request. 2. The Transfer Speed EX Networks was offering was miles apart from other service provider's offering, which was a very important feature we were looking for. We didn't believe at first when the Technical Sales Rep - told us the bandwidth and speed until we tested it on our servers. It was amazing. 3. The pricing was very reasonable and payment options were very flexible making it easy to sign up and complete our setup process within a few hours of taking the decision to go with EX Networks.

Describe why you feel that working with EX Networks was successful.
Working with EX Networks has been successful because they have delivered excellently in their service. During our first week of signing up to their service, we needed rack rails for our server and EX Networks was able to help source it and mount our server with very little impact to our service. Since then, we have had no downtime. The very few support issues we've had were also given prompt, professional and clear responses.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with EX Networks or not, what would you say to them?
I'd say "Send your servers to EX Networks, wait for your Maintenance IP and be sure you keep your end of the SLA because they will keep theirs".

Managed Services

Perfect Channel is the leading enterprise auction platform, providing auction technology for some of the world’s biggest brands. In their first two years, Perfect Channel has handled over £2 billion worth of transactions across a diverse range of industry sectors.

It’s a pleasure to work with the friendly and knowledgeable people at EX Networks. There’s a real feeling that they’re on the same team and I’ve been happy with the service they provide.
Phil Bird

As their customer base grew, Perfect Channel looked to EXN to take over the management of their multi-site VMware environment. EXN was tasked to design, build and test a new VMware platform based on Dell blades, Equallogic storage and Cisco networking which would handle their customers' needs both today and tomorrow. As well as project work, EXN provides 24x7 monitoring, troubleshooting and scheduled patching for all aspects of the platform, from the firmware layer to the OS layer.

Neil Pritchard
PTLGateway provide Systems Consulting, Systems Engineering and Systems Management Services to clients with on-premise IT infrastructures and those wishing to move to hosted or ‘cloud’ based platforms. They have a broad range of clients operating in a wide variety of industries, including finance, property and real estate, insurance, and the public sector.

Smart guys with a flexible attitude and a good group of people to be working with.
Neil Pritchard

PTLGateway took the decision to outsource the maintenance and management of their mission-critical VMware environments to EX Networks. As well as doing day-to-day operational support, EXN was also tasked with rebuilding parts of the multi-site network to ensure future scalability and longevity.

Virtual Data Centre

Colin Janes
Head of IT
BMCE Bank International is an international bank specialising in the African continent. Headquartered in London, the bank connects international institutions and investors with opportunities across the continent, and provides corporate Africa with access to international capital markets and financial expertise.

As part of our ‘cloud strategy’ BMCE Bank International were looking to move applications out of our data centres and onto SaaS and IaaS platforms. EXN were initially engaged to assist with the migration of our on-premises data centre to a multi-tenanted data centre. EXN’s on-site staff were extremely responsive, knowledgeable and pragmatic, and their approach was key to ensuring the success of the migration.

Shortly after the initial data centre move, we migrated some of our key services from our VMware platform onto EXN’s VMware based vDC, allowing us to decommission legacy kit, and utilised EXN’s expertise to upgrade our Exchange platform. We have been very impressed with EXN since our first engagement, and they continue to provide innovative solutions and support. All members of staff we have dealt with have been extremely competent and helpful, and projects were successfully completed in a timely manner and within budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending EXN for any similar work, and would engage them for any of own future projects
Colin Janes

BMCE Bank International have a number of Virtual Machines in one of our two VMware vDC platforms. These VMs were migrated from an existing solution with ease due to the harmonious nature of VMware. EXN provided direct connectivity from BMCE to our vDC through our carrier grade network, and BMCE utilised EXN managed services to carry out a multi-mailbox Microsoft Exchange migration.

Svet Pelipenko
Technical Director
Holistic City Limited is a software development company and technical consultancy which specialises in producing software for city design, masterplanning and liveability analysis.

EXN have provided us with the hosting for our company’s website and a Virtual Data Centre for the development our online software development. Both services were of top quality: packages included, uptime, ease of use and administration were all excellent. When we needed it, technical support was very prompt and effective.

Following on from our initial positive experience we have also relied on EXN for consultancy in areas such as infrastructure requirements, server architecture and set up. In all cases the advice provided was prompt and professional – we could then build on it to provide the service to our clients. All in all EXN is a great professional outfit that is a pleasure to work with.
Svet Pelipenko

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