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EXN Expand Into Equinix LD8 (formerly HEX)

Equinix @ Harbour Exchange

Equinix @ Harbour Exchange

EX Networks are excited to announce a new Point of Presence (POP) in Equinix LD8 (formally Telecity Group HEX6/7 and HEX8/9).

Equinix LD8 will join our existing core network POPs in Telehouse North and Telehouse East. Expanding our network into this new facility will enable us to serve customers within the data centre, as well as diversifying our peering and transit connections to the outside world.

  • Reduced Latency
  • IP Transit
  • Point to Point MPLS
  • Point to Multi-Point VPLS
  • Direct Connections to EXN VMware vDC


LD8 has a long history dating back to 1999 and is strongly considered one of the most important data centres outside of the Telehouse campus. It is made up of two buildings: HEX6/7 (originally owned by Redbus) and HEX8/9 (originally owned by Telecity).

In 2006 Telecity announced the successful completion of their merger with Redbus, and the two sites started to merge into one by allowing cable runs between the buildings as if they were the same. Together they were colloquially known as ‘HEX’. In 2016 Equinix bought Telecity for £2.6 billion and both buildings were renamed as Equinix LD8. The merging of the two buildings means EXN has access to over 200 carriers in total as well as a number of public peering exchanges.

EXN have used this opportunity to redesign parts of our network to add additional capacity for client requirements both today and tomorrow. We have also rationalised our growing network, and clients should already see the benefits of reduced latency. As with any of our core POPs, we can offer a number of services from this site, including: IP Transit, Point to Point MPLS, Point to Multi-Point VPLS, as well as direct connections into our VMware Virtual Data Centre (vDC) environment.

For more information on our services out of LD8, please contact your Technical Account Manager or email

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Stef Shelford
Technical Project Manager

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