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Why Have a Presence in Telehouse?

Fibre connectivity in Telehouse North Data CentreThis Summer, we launched our new individual device colocation service in Telehouse North. Designed to make this historic site more accessible, this offering is targeted at businesses who would benefit from a presence in the site, but don’t yet require one of our full private racks.

Combined with membership offers from Internet Exchanges LINX and LONAP that have never been so good, many customers are saving money on their transit, while opening up a world of possibility when it comes to obtaining new services.



Depending on your customer mix, you may find that a large amount of your traffic doesn’t travel very far at all – mainly to/from UK ISPs. Becoming a member of an Internet Exchange like LINX and LONAP enables you to exchange traffic directly with other members, reducing your bandwidth usage and saving you money on your IP transit bills. A presence in THN means LINX and LONAP membership is only a cable run away, and pricing is more competitive than you think.

For £70 per month*, LONAP will provide you with your first 1Gbps port, and as you grow, it gets cheaper and cheaper. For just £100 per month*, LINX will provide you with your first 1Gbps port on both their Juniper and Extreme LANs. Your LINX joining fee even covers your initial fibre within the site – with no recurring cable fees.



Being in arguably the most important site in Europe for connectivity offers so many opportunities. With a presence in Telehouse North, you’ll be able to connect directly to literally hundreds of carriers from all over the world, from AT&T to Zayo, from Africa INX to China Telecom. You’ll find that your DR data centre vendor invariably has fibre back to Telehouse, so creating that ring between your existing sites and THN will be simple. And you’ll never have to tell a customer: ‘Sorry, we can’t provide that service, it’s not offered in our data centre.’ Because 99% of the time, it’s available here.



Connecting closely to your traffic source or destination, whether that’s via peering or a cable run, results in better routes, lower latency, and a better service to your customers. Don’t rely on your providers’ convoluted routes when you can keep it local.



Everyone knows that cable run costs can add up – redundant connections to multiple providers can result in set up costs in the 5 figures in some sites. Luckily Telehouse offers cabling at a fraction of their competitors, including discounts for multiple pairs, making this not only the easiest place to connect to multiple providers, but one of the cheapest too.



As more and more services and applications move to the cloud, a business simply cannot operate without a reliable Internet connection with guaranteed bandwidth and a 100% uptime SLA. Leased lines are now standard, and increasing transit costs can add up. Having a well chosen site to terminate your leased lines in is vital, and if you’re able to establish strategic peering relationships there, all the better.

*Prices correct at time of publication. For up to date pricing, please view the current fees pages: LINX | LONAP

More information on the Telehouse North data centre and EXN services offered from this site.
More information on our same day emergency colocation install service, available in this site.

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Stef Shelford
Technical Project Manager

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