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A Tale of Two Brands was born in 2007, when our Managing Director and founder Volkan Dil was struggling to find a reliable and responsive host for his portfolio of sites. One thing lead to another, and within two years what had started as a simple shared hosting company started to branch out into dedicated and virtual hosting, as well as colocation and rackspace in our primary data centre, Global Switch 2.

As we added new sites to our network, demand for connectivity solutions increased. As word of mouth spread about the reliability and expertise of our team, we found ourselves providing more and more remote hands, managed services and project management.

In 2014 we began the process of dividing the company into two brands.

Express Hosting
For the original shared hosting offering, including web hosting, domains, dedicated and virtual servers.

EX Networks
For business solutions, including managed services, complex hosting requirements, connectivity, our Virtual Data Centre platform and colocation.

The launch of is part of our transition to two discrete brands, each with a different product offering.

For any queries regarding this change, or any other aspect of our service, please contact us through the usual channels.

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Stef Shelford
Technical Project Manager

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